What you need to know about mango bagging

Orchard Fruit Protection BagsMango is suitable for planting in areas rich in rain and heat resources. These areas will bring many diseases and insect pests to mango. The losses caused by diseases and insect pests account for more than 30% of the total fruit output every year. If you don’t pay attention to prevention and control, some even cause losses. Although pesticides can sometimes be used to keep part of the output, too many times or doses increase pesticide residues. At present, the best way to solve this contradiction is to protect fruits by bagging. In addition to preventing diseases and insect pests, it can also reduce the friction between fruits and other substances and damage the fruit surface, thus improving the smoothness of the fruit surface to a certain extent, prolonging the storage time and preventing mango from being burned by sunlight.

There are some things to pay attention to when bagging mango. Please continue to look down.

Bagging Time

1. This bagging time is very particular. Mango bagging is too early, and the fruit stalk is not enough to bear easy breakage. The effect of bagging mango is obviously reduced when it is too late.

Mango Fruit Protection Bags

Before Mango Bagging

2. The branches of mango trees need to be trimmed before bagging mango trees. If the shape of mango is not good, the stem of mango can be cut off together to avoid excessive nutrition consumption of deformed mango. Pruned mango trees need fertilization and pesticide spraying.

Mango Trees

Details/Notes When Bagging

3. Mango bagging bags are specially used for mango bagging, and it is best to use paper bags. Mango bagging should be carried out on sunny days, and normal and full mango without diseases and insect pests should be bagged. When bagging mango, the fruit is bagged in one hand, and the bag is tied to the mango stem.

Style of mango growing bags

4. Don’t leave too much space for sealing mango bags, so as to prevent pests and diseases from climbing into mango bags and causing mango damage. Leave a leak hole in the bag to prevent ponding from affecting mango growth.

Knowing a few things, bagging mango will get twice the result with half the effort!

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