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Mango Growing Bags

Mango Growing Bags, also named as Mango Protection Bags, Bagging mango on the tree is an organic method and an effective alternative to chemical pesticides.

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Mango Growing Bags | AGROW TEK ™

Mango Growing Bags are made of Breathable all-wood Pulp Wrapping Paper at Food Grade. Mango Growing bags are generally designed into a single-layer pattern with different colors for mango varieties. Vents openings are considered at bottom of the Bag for air circulation, and a twist tie wire is embedded at the top for easy tying up. Bagging Mangoes on the tree not only prevents contact between the host and insects/diseases but also minimizes mechanical injuries thus improving quality, which in turn helps in getting a good price in the market. AGROW Mango Growing Bags are proved to be effective in many Mango-growing countries like Thailand, Vietnam, United States, China, Philippines, etc…

We can manufacture Mango Growing Bags in many sizes and patterns for your reference, including Single-layers Kraft Paper and Two-Layers Kraft Paper. For more technical information, welcome to contact us! And good discounts on large orders.


Red Paper Mango Growing Bags 18*27Kraft Paper Mango Growing Bags 18*27Two Layers 18*27
Red Paper Mango Growing Bags 20*30Kraft Paper Mango Growing Bags 20*30Two Layers 20*30
Red Paper Mango Growing Bags 23*31Kraft Paper Mango Growing Bags 23*31Two Layers 23*31


Galvanized Steel Wire for easy wrapping and tying
U shaped Notch for easy tying up

Reducing its potential disease problems

Vents in the bottom can drain rainwater out
Vents openings at the bottom for air circulation

Water-resistant and Shrink-resistant

Protect from rain, wind, hail in bad weather

Air and Sunlight permeable

Provides a sustainable Micro-environment

Reducing its potential disease problems

Micro-Perforated holes for fresh air flow ( Breathable)


Color Improvement - Improving the colors of Peach
Reduce Cracking - Reduce the cracking percentage of fruit trees
Reduce growing time - Regulating fruits mature periods & Extended storage time of fruits


Eco-friendly - Food Grade Safety and Eco-friendly
No pollution - Sustainable and fully recyclable
Maximize Crop Yield - Helps to maximize yield
360 Protection - Ensuring quality product for the harvest
Organic Solutions - Organic Farming reduce the pesticide spraying

Additionally, as leading custom material fabricators in China, we have a skilled engineering team and in-house tool and die shop to ensure that the assemblies you receive match your design specifications exactly. If you have other questions, you can also visit the FAQ to know more.

Request a quote on the custom-fabricated assemblies you need.

Additional information

Model No.




General Applications

All Mangoes


Red, Yellow

Standard Sizes(cm)

18 * 27, 20 * 30, 23 * 31

Surface Treatment

Wax Coated

Main Market

Asia, Australia, Europe, New Zealand, North America, South Africa, South America


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