About AG-TEK

At AGROW, we are committed to reducing carbon footprint in the Agriculture industry, and developing more and more environmental materials from raw materials selection, new packing materials, innovated design, etc…
AGROW ECO include mainly as below:

  • Eco-Paper Fruit Growing Bags:

——Bagging prevents insect pests, especially fruit flies, from finding and damaging the fruit.
The bag provides physical protection from mechanical injuries and prevents female file laying activities, latex burns, and fungal spots on the fruits. Although laborious, it is cheaper, safer, easier to do, and gives you a more reliable estimate of your projected harvest…

  • Organic Fertilizer
  • Agricultural Covering & Shelters Accessories:

——Weather in need to build netting protection system, rain cover structure for your crops, or to set up polytunnel hoop house structure, a variety of hardware, accessories would be required for effortlessly construction of the structures. We have wide varieties of options of these components, including but not limited to plastic clips for netting set-up, metal components for hoop house constructions, across the effective solutions to your certain projects.

  • Blueberry Planter

Great for blueberries growing, our Temp of Heaven blueberry planters are an economical alternative to heavier injection molded containers.

Blueberries are usually prostrate shrubs that can vary in size from 10 centimeters (3.9 in) to 4 meters (13 ft) in height. People use blueberry gallon pot to grow their blueberry, especially in Canada and America. When people grow blueberries, there is a problem. Blueberries need highly acidic soil and a lot of water. Blueberry
Nursery Pots are good accessories to solve this problem.
If you use a blueberry planter, it will provide more help to blueberries. They’ll far away from the pest and disease-free. Meanwhile, extra-large, heavy-duty pot with two-tier drainage holes to ensure tree roots do not get waterlogged. When you need to move or transporting your blueberries, strong handles will offer your help.