Preparations before bagging grapes

Grape bagging applicationIn the practical application process of bagging grapes, some growers often fail to pay attention to the management before bagging, which leads to poor bagging effects, even rotten fruits, and sunburned fruits, which brings huge economic losses to growers.

1. Finishing ears

After flowering and before bagging, it is generally used 3~4 times to protect grapes from diseases and insect pests. However, if the bagging operation is not completed 7 days after spraying, it is necessary to continue spraying and then bagging operation.

Preparation before grape bagging

2. Spray before bagging.

Generally, after 15-20 days after full bloom, the fruit setting of grapes is basically stable, and the ear thinning work can be carried out at this time. Before bagging, sparse the small and close fruit grains, and determine the fruit retention according to different varieties. If the ears are too tight and the fruit grains are too dense, not only the fruit shape is poor, but also the medicine cannot be penetrated, the ventilation is too poor, and cracks, gray mold, and acid rot occur in the later stage.

Preparation before grape bagging

3. Choose the right fruit bag.

Grape special fruit bags are generally paper fruit bags. The paper quality of fruit bags requires high strength, no breakage, wind and rain resistance, and good light transmission and air permeability. In addition, when choosing paper bags, it is necessary to choose suitable fruit bags according to different grape varieties, for example, green bags should be selected for varieties of fruit green series; For red, purple, and black varieties, it is best to choose a light color or white fruit bags.

Preparation before grape bagging

Therefore, the preparation before bagging grapes is something that growers need to do with their hearts because it is a key factor that affects the healthy growth of grapes in the later stage.

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