Why are more and more growers bagging grapes?

Bagging grapes, which have thin skin, soft flesh, and high sweetness, have become an important and indispensable technology in modern fruit planting. So what are the advantages of this technology, which can make more and more growers bagging grapes, mainly in the following aspects:

Grape Growth Protection Bag

1. Reduce the use of pesticides.

The reduced use of pesticides not only reduces environmental pollution but also meets the requirements of modern people for green food. Grapes with bagging technology usually only need to spray pesticides at the flowering stage and before bagging. After bagging, the fruits will be isolated from the external environment, which will isolate the spread of most germs and the invasion of insects and flies. With fewer pests and diseases, the number of pesticide applications will be less. Because of the barrier of bagging, the sprayed medicine will not directly contact the fruit surface, which greatly reduces the pesticide residue of the fruit.

Spraying Pesticides To Protect The Orchard

2. Make the appearance of fruit complete and bright.

The bagged grapes are in a relatively isolated small environment, the temperature and humidity are relatively stable, and the light intensity is reduced, which can delay the aging of grape surface cells, cuticles, and cell fibers. At the same time, the grapes in the fruit bag can avoid the pollution of wind and rain, dust, the erosion of diseases and insect pests, and the harm of birds. After bagging, the peel of the grape becomes thin, the fruit surface is smooth, and the fruit powder is thick and uniform.

The grape growing bag makes the surface of the grape smooth and clean

3. Improve the high-quality fruit rate.

High-yield grape harvest

Before bagging grapes, flowers and fruits should be thinned, inflorescences and ears should be treated, which greatly improved the high-quality fruit rate of grapes. Bagging grapes can improve their appearance quality and commodity value. Bagged grapes can be harvested in batches after maturity, which lengthens the sales season and avoids the price competition caused by sales in the same period. In addition, bagged grapes can improve the storage and transportation ability of grapes and expand the scope of the sale, thus increasing the sales price of grapes and increasing the income.

Therefore, in fruit planting, fruit bagging technology is not only known by more and more people but also has been widely used in various places.

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