What kind of fruit bag should I choose?

In the process of fruit planting, in order to effectively protect the fruits from diseases and insect pests and protect the appearance of fruits, bagging work will be carried out. The bag should be chosen for bagging, so what kind of bag is better for bagging? Let’s take a look at it together.

1. Paper bag.

Paper bags are divided into a single layer, double layer, and triple layer according to the number of layers. For varieties that are difficult to color, double-layer paper bags should be selected. At the same time, the color requirements of inner and outer paper bags can be selected according to the different needs of planting fruit. Single-layer paper bags can be selected for varieties that are easy to color. Moreover, the paper bag not only protects the fruit but also contributes to the protection of the environment.

Fruit Paper Bag

2. Non-woven bag.

Non-woven fabrics have the advantages of ventilation, light transmission, and water impermeability. In addition, it is known that bagging grapes with non-woven fabrics can increase the content of soluble solids, vitamin C, and anthocyanin in fruits and improve the coloring of fruits. However, compared with paper bags, the price of non-woven bags is higher, and non-woven bags cannot be exposed to the sun for a long time, because ultraviolet rays will cause weathering of non-woven bags, which makes it difficult to recycle them.

Non-woven bag

3. Plastic film bag.

Because of its airtightness, the plastic film bag can’t eliminate moisture and carbon dioxide, which leads to the decline of fruit quality. After picking the bag, the fruit is easy to shrink. Therefore, it is not recommended to use plastic film bags to bag the fruit.Plastic film bag

To sum up, compared with the other two kinds of fruit bags, the paper bag is a better choice at present. Bagging technology can help fruit growers to grow better quality fruits, but the most suitable fruit bags should be selected according to factors such as the nature of the fruits planted, and the bagging method should be mastered to achieve the goal.

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