Why do fruits fall after bagging?

Bagging with fruit bags requires not only skillful techniques but also skillful techniques. Some people who are bagging for the first time, or those who are not skilled in bagging, not only have a small number of bags, but also easily fall off when they are bagged, and sometimes fruits fall along with them. So, what is the cause?

1. The seal was not sealed when bagging.

The bagging of some fruits will be concentrated in one time period, so everyone is in a hurry, pinch the seal conveniently, and then go to the next fruit bag. In particular, some growers are short of hands, so they neglect to bag and sealing to catch up with time. In the orchard after being blown by the strong wind, we found that some of the fallen fruit bags were indeed sealing problems.

Orchard fruit bagging tips

2. The bagging time is not sure.

Bagging is carried out when the lignification of some fruit stalks is slowly formed, and the stalks can bear the load effectively, and even when the wind blows and the rain shakes, they rarely fall off. Bagging just less than a week after thinning the fruit, the fruit handle is too tender, and the resistance of surface wind increases after bagging, so the bag falls off when the wind blows. This phenomenon is very common. Therefore, when bagging, fruit farmers must grasp the time, and it is best not to bag in advance.

Bagging the fruit carefully

3. The fruit itself is attacked by diseases and insect pests.

When thinning fruits, growers fail to do so according to regulations, resulting in damage to young fruits. At the same time, before bagging, the time interval for fruit farmers to apply medicine to fruit trees is too long. Generally, one or two days before bagging, they will be bagged immediately to ensure that the fruit surface is not damaged by pests. If the application of pesticides is not finished after a week’s interval, the efficacy may be slowly lost, and the effect on protecting fruits will be reduced, thus forming fruits with diseases and insect pests, which will fall off naturally after some time or fall off intensively after being attacked by strong winds.

Points to note when applying pesticides to fruit trees

Therefore, we must be careful and not careless about bagging. When bagging, try not to damage the fruit, so as not to cause the fruit to fall off in the later stage.

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