What are the types of citrus protection bags?

In some time nodes with a high incidence of diseases and insect pests, fruit farmers usually take pruning of branches and leaves, cleaning up water in the orchard, and spraying pesticides in multiple rounds to avoid damage to the orchard. In addition to this, there is a low-cost and convenient method, which can be relatively easy to increase the output of the orchard, that is bagging citrus, so what are the kinds of citrus protection bags, let us know about the next.

Paper Bags

Usually divided into single-layer paper bags and double-layer paper bags. The market usually includes three types of fruit bags, one is the Japanese fruit bag represented by Kobayashi; the second is the fruit bag produced in South Korea, Taiwan; and one is the fruit bag produced in China. As the fruit bag product in recent years has been a more mature industry, so whether China or Japan and South Korea to produce fruit bag price difference and quality is getting closer and closer.

two kinds of double-layer fruit protection bags

Double-layer fruit bags are divided into ordinary double-layer fruit bags and separate inside and outside double-layer fruit bags. The inner layer of ordinary double-layer fruit bags is usually black, and the inner and outer bags are glued together; Separated from the inside and outside double-layer fruit bag needs to remove two times, the outer bag is usually yellow black, the inner bag is usually wax film bag, usually red, both inside and outside two bags not adhesion, suitable for varieties of red fruit, the set of double- paper bags of fruit skin tender, bright and uniform, can export or supply high-grade fruit market.

Single-layer paper fruit bags

Single-layer paper bags are divided into light-blocking bags, wood pulp primary color bags, and any unprocessed paper to wrap fruit. Single-layer light-blocking bag, suitable for producing high/medium grade non-red fruit (mostly used for pears, peaches, grapes, etc.). Single-paper bags can be used to prevent fruit rust and improve the surface finish of fruit skins. Compared with double-paper bags, the cost is lower and the benefit is relatively higher. As for the simplest method of wrapping fruit with arbitrary paper, it can only play a little role in preventing insect and liquid pollution, but it is difficult to meet the needs of waterproof and light transmission, so it can be said that the cost is very low but the effect can not be guaranteed.

Plastic Film Bags

plastic film fruit bags

There is also a transparent plastic film bag. common in China, its advantage is low price. Usually only guava will use it. film and paper bag compared to the lack of air permeability, protection performance is not so significant.

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