Four tips to prevent apples from rotting after bagging

In the recent after-sales communication with some customers, we found a relatively common problem, that is, the phenomenon of rotten apples still occurs after the apples are put in fruit bags, which makes many fruit farmers feel troubled. So what is the wrong step? Why are there still rotten fruits after bagging? What causes apples to rot? Therefore, the following will introduce in detail the reasons and treatment methods for apples to rot after bagging.

1. Problems when spraying medicine

Spraying before apple bagging

First of all, pay attention to avoid spraying at the wrong time. You can’t spray when there is dew, strong sunlight, and strong wind. It is best to spray at 7:00 to 10:00 in the morning. The second is that the spraying should be kept uniform, not too much spraying, and not to be missed. The third is to choose medicines with good spraying effect, such as mancozeb, thiophanate-methyl, etc., and do not spray fake and shoddy medicines. When spraying, the nozzle should choose a fine rotating blade, which helps to spray finely and evenly.

2. The quality of the paper bag

The paper quality of the apple protection bag must be good. Although the standard wood pulp paper is slightly expensive, the output quality is good, the protection performance is excellent, and the performance of rain, wind and insect proof is strong. The paper fruit bags produced by some informal manufacturers have unknown paper sources or poor paper quality, which are slightly inferior in terms of protection functions such as waterproof and insect repellent.

Fruit protection bag paper quality

3. The time for bagging is wrong

Relatively speaking, apple bagging should be a little earlier, but not too early. Bags are usually bagged during the growing period when the fruit becomes larger. If the bagging is late, the fruit has a high probability of being infected with germs, and it is difficult to eliminate it by spraying. According to the experiment, the rot rate of apples was 2.5% when the fruit was bagged when the fruit was growing up, and the rot rate was as high as 17.8% when the bag was 20 days late.

Bagging apple time and method

4. The method of bagging is wrong

It is often said that apple fruit should be bagged within six days of spraying, but this is not the case. After spraying the pesticide until the liquid is dry, you should take the time to put the fruit bags on the apples, and it is best to end the bagging within one day. If it doesn’t rain and there is little dew at night, then the bagging time can be extended for a day or two.

The above four points can effectively avoid the problem of fruit rot after bagging, and make your orchard harvest more worry-free.

Published On: February 16th, 2022By Categories: Blog