Selection of various grape fruit bags

Grape bagging technology is an important measure in grape superior cultivation technology. Grape bagging can effectively prevent or reduce the harm of various diseases and insect pests, reduce the pollution of pesticides on the fruit, improve the safety and quality of the fruit, and also has a certain regulation effect on the maturity and color of the fruit. In actual production, grape bagging should pay attention to the following problems:

1. The quality of grape bagging

Choose high-quality grape special fruit bags, do not use low-grade inferior fruit bags. Poor quality fruit bag paper, not rain, sun, easy to damage water seepage, resulting in physiological cracking fruit. Bacteria in rain areas tend to produce rotten fruit, and some fruit bags can burn young fruit. Therefore, grape bagging must choose good quality special bags, the quality of grapes will be better.Quality of grape bagging

2. Choose fruit bags according to variety

According to the variety, cultivation mode, frame, and other factors, the selection of appropriate fruit bags. Different varieties have different requirements for fruit bag light transmittance. European and American hybrids require a lot of scattered light when coloring grapes. Eurasian grape coloring, need a lot of direct light, in the selection of fruit bags, should choose a better light transmission of fruit bags.Choose fruit bags

3. Choose fruit bags according to fruit color

According to the variety of fruit bag selection, but also according to the fruit color of different colors of fruit bag, according to a lot of time data shows that the general green series of grape varieties best choose green bag, red, purple, black grape varieties best choose light color or white bag. The resulting grapes are bright in color, full in grain and high in maturity.

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