Can grapes be bagged in rainy days and matters needing attention

Due to the gradual improvement of the quality of life in recent years, the requirements for food have gradually increased, and green, pollution-free food has gradually become a common demand, especially in the fruit industry. In order to improve the quality of fruit, fruit farmers also use There are so many ways. This time, I will focus on the issues related to grape bagging technology.

Grape bagging should be done as early as possible. Generally in the fruit bear stability, finishing flower ears immediately after the start. Finish the bagging of grapes before the rainy season begins. To prevent the occurrence of early bacterial infection and sunburn.

If the bagging is too late, the fruit grows into the coloring stage, and sugar begins to accumulate, which will not only easily erode the bacteria but also be more prone to sunburn and insect damage. In addition, bagging should avoid high-temperature weather after the rain. If you start bagging immediately on sunny days after rain, it will also cause a high probability of sunburn. Therefore, it takes 2-3 days to make the fruit slightly adapt to the high-temperature environment before starting bagging.

grape bagging technology

Method of bagging grapes

The correct method is to open the mouth of the bag with one hand to make the whole fruit bag bulge; drag the bottom of the bag with the other hand to open the ventilation and drainage openings on both sides of the bottom of the bag. Pull the bag up from the bottom and place the stem in the top opening of the bag with the ear in the center of the bag. Then use the wire around the mouth of the paper bag to tie the top tightly to avoid the inflow of rainwater. Be careful not to grab the fruit spike with your hands. After bagging, gently place the fruit spike under the leaves and cover with the leaves to avoid sunburn.

Notes on grape bagging

The first point is the choice of paper bags. Grape paper bags are usually used for table grapes. Choose the corresponding fruit bag according to different varieties, different sizes and different environments. It is necessary to choose grape bags produced by regular manufacturers, such as air permeability, light transmission, wind and rain resistance, etc.

Grape Bags Waterproof and light transmission

The second point is the method of fruit bagging, please refer to the above for details;

The third point is the management after bagging. Mainly to prevent grape leaves and pests and diseases;

The fourth point is the time for the grapes to be removed from the bag. If the quality of the grape bags is good, the light transmittance is good, and the grapes are well colored, you can pick them directly without removing the bags; if you want to remove the bags, they should be removed within 10-15 days before the grapes are picked. Generally, red, purple, and black varieties can be bagged about ten days before picking to give the grapes a good color.

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