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agrow tek all grape protection paper bags

Protect Your Grape Growing All Day Long, Specially Designed For Viticulture.

Reduce the negative impact of bad weather, pests, infectious diseases, etc. on your orchard.


  • Quality Wood Pulp Paper, tough and durable.
  • Waterproof Treatment, no problem on rainy days.
  • Hydrophobic & Vent Holes, keep air circulation in the bag
  • Humanized Wire & Easy Tear Line Design, easy to disassemble
Grapevine AnthracnoseAfter Grape Bagging
360° Protection

360 Protection

Excellent protection ability, give your fruit 360° protection.



Degradable, easily degradable, friendly to the human body and the environment.

Maximize Crop Yield

Maximize Crop Yield

Reduce the probability of bad fruit and increase yield.

Green Paper Grape Growing Bags

Green Paper Grape Growing Bags

The green paper grape growing bag is specially used for shine-muscat grape, mainly to prevent fruit rust, but also to better color the grapes, which is more conducive to fruit growth.

White Paper Grape Growing Bags

White Paper Grape Growing Bags

The white paper grape growing bag can be used for general varieties. The white paper and the micro-holes on the paper bag ensure air permeability and light transmission. It has excellent protective performance and is the most applicable grape bag on the market.

Kraft Paper Grape Growing Bags

Kraft Paper Grape Growing Bags

Kraft paper grape growing bags are usually used for Benifuji grapes. The paper is thick, opaque, and has a good shading effect. It can not only reduce sunburn but also effectively prevent pathogens from infecting organic grapes and prevent bird damage.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to choose high-quality pear bags?2021-09-27T09:38:23+00:00

There are many kinds of paper bags on the market, so you should choose paper bags reasonably. The basic requirements for paper bags are: good shading, no damage or dewaxing after wind and rain, easy to dry after rain, and little adverse effect on the fruit.

Does bagging affect the quality of peaches?2021-10-21T06:07:17+00:00

Bagging has a great influence on the quality of the fruit, so when bagging, both the time and the quality of the bag must be selected. If you don’t choose a good choice, then there may be the opposite effect, not only will not let the fruit The effect is good, it will also cause the fruit to stop growing.

When should I remove the peach growing bags?2021-10-22T07:34:24+00:00

If you want to ensure that these fruits are of good quality, you must remove these bags in time. This is very important. If it is double-bagging, they generally have to go through the work of removing the bags twice. The first is that the fruits are normal. Half a month before picking, take off the outermost sheath, and then wait three to five days later, then remove the inner bag. The best time is to choose cloudy or cloudy weather, best when it is sunny Don’t do it, generally choose to avoid the highest temperature in the morning or afternoon. In order to promote the uniform color of these fruits, when unbagging or after unpacking, you need to remove the leaves near the fruit.

When is the best time to bag peaches?2021-10-28T02:58:00+00:00

Generally, this work of bagging is carried out one month after flowering, but for different varieties, there may be some differences in time. When bagging, comprehensive insecticidal and sterilization work should be performed on the entire orchard. Wait until these drugs are dried before bagging. Generally speaking, it is best to choose a sunny day at this time. It should not be a rainy day or when there is water on the surface of the fruit. This will cause the fruit to rot.

Why do us need to bagging peaches?2021-10-28T03:54:41+00:00

In the process of planting, some diseases and insect pests will harm its quality, so many people choose to bag it, which can prevent some diseases and reduce the harm to health caused by pesticide spraying.

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