Whether fruit should be bagged? 4 benefits of fruit bagging

Fruit bagging technology in the fruit growing industry is actually quite mature, but there are many regions of the orchard that do not think so, some do not agree with this technology, they believe that fruit bagging may affect the light, affect the sweetness of the fruit, and even affect the growth of the fruit. But in fact, there have been many studies on this in various countries, and many studies/papers have shown that the overall quality of bagged fruit is higher than that of unbagged fruit. So what exactly does fruit bagging do?

1. Improve the quality of fruit

The fruit has a long growth cycle, usually lasting from a few months to a year. Fruit experiences a variety of climates during its long growing cycle. In the event of severe weather, such as strong winds, heavy rain, hail, and excessive sun exposure, the fruit will suffer a lot of damage in the long term, affecting fruit quality and orchard yield. It is therefore important to minimize contact between the fruit and the outside world. Fruit bags do just that, isolating the environment and giving the fruit a mini space to grow.

Sunburn fruit

2. Reduce pesticide residues

Usually, in the fruit grow up and mature stage, fruit pests and diseases are more frequent. At this time, the need for timely prevention and control through pesticides. However, pesticides also have certain timeliness, and once their effects wear off, its resistance to disease will be weakened. So this requires spraying pesticides every once in a while. By fruit bagging, it is very effective to avoid contact between fruit and pesticides, thus reducing pesticide residues, and making the orchard harvest more secure.

Fruit bagging reduce pesticide residues

3. Avoid birds/insects steal food

I believe that many orchards will encounter this kind of trouble. As the fruit ripens, it attracts birds, fruit flies, squirrels, monkeys, etc. If a small range of stealing food still can also accept, but the bird/insect steal food tends to be eating a few mouths of every fruit. Resulting in a large area of waste fruit. If we do not do a good job of protection, so the loss of our fruit farmers. So fruit bagging is necessary to reduce bird/insect damage to orchards.

avoid birds and insects steal food

4. Anti-freezing heat preservation

Fruit bagging can be thought of as a mini greenhouse. The interior of the mini space creates a greenhouse effect, which not only prevents direct sunlight on the fruit surface, but also prevents the fruit from falling in the cold environment. After fruit bagging, not only can ensure the temperature in the bag, but also can very effectively shorten the fruit growth cycle, let the fruit better coloring, fruit quality is guaranteed. For consumers, this clean and hygienic fruit is also very competitive in the market.

Published On: May 19th, 2022By Categories: Blog