Which fruits need bagging, and the advantages and disadvantages of fruit bagging

“Fruit bagging originated in Japan at the beginning of the 20th century, and was then applied in the cultivation of pears, apples and other fruits abroad. In the middle of the 20th century, China also began to experiment with peaches, grapes and mangoes, and gradually popularized the fruit bagging technology.”

What kind of fruit needs bagging?

Generally, the thinner the skin of the fruit, the more need to use fruit bags to give some protection. Such as apples, pears, grapes, peaches and so on. Some fruits with thicker skins, such as grapefruit and durian, generally need only basic pesticide protection.
Another important point is the economic benefits of fruit trees. If the economic benefit is low and the increased benefit is less than the cost of bagging, then fruit bagging is not necessary.

Prevent birds from stealing food and diseases and pests

1. Improve the appearance quality of fruit: bagging fruit can effectively prevent the negative effects of cracking fruit, sunburn, freezing damage, wind damage and other bad weather. Keep fruit surface clean, appearance quality can be significantly improved, effectively improve the commodity value and commodity rate of fruit. Bagged fruit is ideal for mid – to high-end fruit packaging.

2. Reduce the occurrence of fruit diseases and insect pests: bagging can effectively reduce the occurrence of fruit diseases and insect pests. This reduces pesticide use and prevents birds from stealing the fruit once it is ripe. According to incomplete statistics, orchard yield loss can be reduced by at least 30% or so.

3. Reduce pesticide residues in fruits: the isolation effect of fruit bags can effectively reduce pesticide pollution on fruits.

Fruit bagging reduce pesticide residues

4. After bagging, the storage cycle of fruits can be enhanced and the shelf life can be prolonged.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of fruit bagging?

1. Cost increase: on the one hand, it is the cost of fruit bags, on the other hand, it is the labor cost of bagging.

the labor cost of fruit bagging

2. Soil pollution: It is worth noting that some fruit growers may not choose fruit bags, if the use of plastic film (PE) bags, then if there is no proper treatment of bag recycling, then these plastic bags will be difficult to degrade, easy to cause pollution in the orchard. Good paper fruit bags do not have this disadvantage.

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