Global peach production is expected to continue to increase in 2022-23

The U.S. Department of Agriculture(USDA) recently released a report in which part of it estimated that global peach and nectarine production would increase by about 1 million tons in 2022-23.

That increase corresponds to an estimated 23.7 million peaches. The main reason is the increase in output led by the world’s biggest producers, such as China, the European Union and Turkey. Although trade levels between the United States and the European Union have declined due to problems caused by the pandemic, total exports are expected to remain flat due to increased shipments from China and Uzbekistan.

Crop yields in the United States are expected to fall by about 100, 000 tons to 600, 000 tons due to cold weather in late winter and early spring in California, South Carolina and Georgia. Reduced supply is expected to reduce exports to 70,000 tonnes and imports to 35,000 tonnes.

Meanwhile, supplies in France and Greece are gradually rebounding from production problems caused by weather damage last year, with output in the European Union expected to rise by 3.1 million tonnes. To some extent, this offsets a significant drop in Spanish production due to a severe frost in April and May, which is expected to fall by 30%.

With most EU exports coming from the country, EU exports are expected to contract by 12,000 tonnes to around 12,500 tonnes.

Meanwhile, Chile, in the southern Hemisphere, is expected to maintain a good upward trend, increasing production to 180,000 tonnes due to better growing conditions and improved winter rainfall, despite the effects of perennial drought. As nectarine growers expand their acreage, with gradually higher returns, nectarine production will continue to grow and may surpass peach production.

Published On: September 22nd, 2022Categories: Industry News