The seven features of apple growing/protection bags

For orchards, fruit growing bags(protection bags) have long become a necessity. Apples, pears, peaches, grapes and other fruits need to be bagged if they want to achieve stable quality and high yield. In fact, bagging fruits is not a new technology. This technology has been introduced to China by Japan since the 1990s and has been widely used.
Fruit growing bags play a significant role in reducing pesticide residues and improving fruit quality. Here are the seven major effects of bagging for apples:

1. Prevent pests and diseases

After bagging, the fruits are isolated from the outside world, and pathogens and pests cannot invade. It can effectively prevent the harm of rot disease, Apple Scab, Sooty Blotch and Flyspeck, White Rot, Sunscald, etc., even if there are individual fruits It is still eroded by pathogens and pests, which can effectively isolate the infection between each fruit. Ensure the quality and yield of the orchard.Apple pests and diseases

2. Reduce the hail hazards

If hail occurs in the young fruit stage. At this time, the fruit is still too small, hanging inside the fruit growing bag, and the hail falls on the swollen bag, which slows down its momentum and protects the fruit from its harm.

3. Increase the color of the fruit and the skin is tender and bright

Bagging can obviously improve the color of the fruit, the surface of the fruit is smooth and beautiful, without fruit rust, and the appearance is good. The coloring area can reach 85%-100%, which can fully meet the standard of high-end fruit.

Apple Coloring-BeforeApple Coloring-After

4. Reduce pesticide residues, which is conducive to the production of green food

After bagging, the fruit does not directly contact the medicine, and the frequency of spraying the medicine can be reduced at the same time. It can effectively reduce the number of pesticide residues and is conducive to the production of pollution-free green food. It can be said that it is the best choice for exporting fruits.Reduce pesticide residues - Apple

5. High economic benefits

In recent years, the apple market has shifted from a seller’s market to a buyer’s market. Customers and vendors have become more and more demanding of fruit quality. Although some orchards have high yields, the commodity rate is low and the benefits are not good.

6. Increase the export rate

Bagging can increase the commodity rate of the orchard to about 90%. At the same time, the fruit surface is delicate and smooth, the color is bright, the appearance is excellent, the pesticide residue is low, the price is high, and it is easy to sell.

apple storage and export

7. Improve fruit storage

The hardness of bagged fruit is higher than that of unbagged fruit. At the same time, due to the sparse skin pores and uniform distribution of the stratum corneum, the fruit is not easy to lose water and wrinkles, and the storage disease is light, and the storage period can be extended by 1-2 months.

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